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The batch #3 AI Apprenticeship Programme will end in 


About AI Singapore's Talent Portal

AI Singapore’s Talent Portal aims to connect potential employers looking for AI talent to apprentices from the AI Apprenticeship Programme. Employers may post your AI-related job opportunities on this portal where interested apprentice(s) can apply directly. 

Please note that this is open to Singapore-based companies only. If you are representing a recruitment agency, please contact us here

Structure of the AI Apprenticeship Programme


All AI Apprentices have succeeded in a 3-stage evaluation process before they are accepted into the programme: Resume Screening, Technical Assessment and In-person Interview

The Programme

The programme comprises of 2 months deep-skilling curriculum focused on AI programming and deployment, followed by working on a 100E industry project for the remaining 7 months.​


At the end of the programme, the apprentices are certified as AI Engineers and will be fully equipped to design, build, train and deploy an AI model end to end.

AI Apprentices (Batch 3)

Updates in Progress.

AI Apprentices (Batch 3)


Area of Interest: Bioinformatics, Translational research, Computational Biology, Machine learning
Background: PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies, Microbiology (NTU)


Area of Interest: NLP, Statistical & Predictive Modeling
Background: B.Sc in Statistics, Minor in Economics (NUS)


Area of Interest: NLP, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning
Background: M.Sc in Mathematics, B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics (NUS)


Area of Interest: Cognitive Science, Human Machine Interface, Fraud Detection
Background: B.Eng in Electrical Engineering, BBA (NUS)


Area of Interest: Deep learning, deployment, Software Engineering
Background: B.Sc in Computer Science, M.Sc in Technology Management (NTU)


Area of Interest: Robotics, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning
Background: B.Sc in Information Systems, BBM Business Management (SMU)


Area of Interest: Natural language processing, Statistical Machine Learning
Background: B.Eng in Chemical Engineering, Second major in Statistics (NUS)


Area of Interest: NLP, Predictive Analytics, Customer Lifetime Value Modeling, Machine Learning
Background: B.Sc in Electrical Engineering (Texas A&M University), MBA (University of Hull)


Area of Interest: NLP, Deep Learning, Deep Unsupervised Learning
Background: B.Sc in Statistics & Actuarial Science, Minor in Computer Science (University of Toronto)


Area of Interest: TBC
Background: TBC


Area of Interest: Machine Learning, Computer Vision
Background: M.Tech in Knowledge Engineering (NUS)


Area of Interest: NLP, Deep Learning, Big Data (Hadoop/Spark), Simulation, Healthcare
Background: M.Sc. in Analytics (Georgia Tech), M.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry (NUS)


Area of Interest: Deep Learning, Data Engineering, Robotics, IoT
Background: B.Eng in Engineering Product Development (Electrical Engineering) (SUTD)


Area of Interest: Machine Learning, RPA
Background: B.Sc in Accounting and Finance (UOL), Postgraduate Diploma in Systems Analysis (NUS)


Area of Interest: Software Engineering, NLP, Graph Analytics, Deep Learning
Background: B.A in Public Policy and Global Affairs, Minor in Computing and Data Analytics (NTU)


Area of Interest: NLP, Machine Learning, Deep Unsupervised Learning, Defence
Background: B.Eng in Chemical Engineering, University Scholars Program (NUS)


Area of Interest: Machine Learning, AI Application and Smart Device Development
Background: M.Sc Materials Science and Engineering (NUS)


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  • There is no fees involved.
  • The talent portal provides access to the AI Apprentices at no cost to all stakeholders in order to contribute to AI talent recruitment and the ecosystem.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who can post a job opening?

We currently accept job postings from companies and government agencies in Singapore who are looking for AI/ML/Data Engineers and Scientists. If you are a recruitment firm or headhunter, please contact AI Singapore first!

Who are the apprentices?

The AI Apprentices are Singaporeans who are in the programme to deepen their AI/ML skills. The AI Apprenticeship Programme is  a deep-skilling programme. You can expect the AI Apprentices to be highly competent in designing, programming and building AI/ML models. 

Why can't I see my job posting?

AI Singapore curates all job posting, and only approved  job postings will be displayed within 3-5 business days. AI Singapore reserves the right to reject your submission.

Who can submit a resume?

We are supporting our AI Apprentices only. We will not be accepting applications from candidates outside of the AI Apprenticeship Programme.

Can I contact the apprentices directly without a job posting?

No. If an apprentice is interested in your job role, he or she will apply for it via this portal. You can then follow-up as per normal interview/hiring process.

What AI tools and frameworks would the apprentices know?

Most of the projects done by the apprentices would be built in Python and using frameworks such as Tensorflow/Keras, PyTorch. They would also have built their tools on platforms such as Microsoft Azure Cloud and Spark/Databricks.

Do I have to pay to submit a job listing?

There are no costs. Our goal for this portal is to help match industry to our AI Apprentices.

We need AI Scientist and not engineers!

Some of our AI Apprentices do hold Masters and/or PhDs in disciplines such as Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics. Upon completion of the AI Apprenticeship Programme, we would consider them as a junior AI/Data Scientist.

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