Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can I contact the AI talent directly?

Employers who have registered for an account may request for more information on a profile (Linkedin/Resume) by writing in.

How qualified are the Apprentices?

Some of our AI Apprentices do hold Masters and/or PhDs in disciplines such as Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics. Upon completion of the AI Apprenticeship Programme, they would also be certified at the AI Engineer Associate [AICE (Assoc)] level. For more information on the different AI certification levels, please go to

Why do you only train AI Engineers (and not AI Scientists or Machine Learning Engineers)?

AI Scientists usually possesses advanced graduate degrees (usually a PhD) and predominantly undertake research to
develop new or novel algorithms to solve different AI challenges.

AI Engineers typically possess an undergraduate degree, and are able to effectively and efficiently find the best available algorithm for use to solve business use case or problem statement. It takes less time to train individuals with a certain level of programming background to be proficient in designing, developing and quickly deploying an AI product – which is what the industry really requires

Do I have to pay talent placement fees?

There are no costs for partnering us. Our goal is to assist companies in Singapore in recruiting effective and certified AI talent.

What AI tools and frameworks would the apprentices know?

Most of the projects done by the apprentices would be built in Python and using frameworks such as Tensorflow/Keras, PyTorch. They would also have built their tools on platforms such as Microsoft Azure Cloud and Spark/Databricks.