AI Apprentices (Batch 4)

Available in June 2020.

Mohamad A.

Technical Competencies: R, Python, SQL, Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Marketing Analytics

Last Role Held: Senior Manager, Data

Highest Qualitification: BSc Social Science, SMU

Z. Cheng

Technical Competencies: Python, Pytorch, Computer Vision, Database Engineering

Last Role Held: Senior Systems Engineer (Data and Database)

Highest Qualitification: MSc Business Information Technology, Uni of Central Lancashire

M. Choo

Technical Competencies: Python, Deep Learning, Neural Networks

Last Role Held: Curriculum Designer/ Head Instructor

Highest Qualitification: BSc Computational Biology, NUS

A. Febriyan

Technical Competencies: Data Analysis, Modeling with Scikit Learn and PyTorch, Software/Web Engineering (Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS)

Last Role Held: Technology/Corporate Innovation Lead

Highest Qualitification: BSc Environmental Health Engineering, NUS

W. M. Kew

Technical Competencies: Recommendation Systems, Deep Learning, Terraform AWS deployment, Kedro, Docker, Bash shell scripting

Last Role Held: Undergraduate

Highest Qualitification: BSc Physics, NUS

Kow Y. S.

Technical Competencies: Tensorflow, PyTorch, UNIX, Git, Docker

Last Role Held: Data Scientist

Highest Qualitification: BSc Physics, NUS

N. Lim

Technical Competencies: Python, Deep Learning, Data Science, Statistical Learning, Feature extraction

Last Role Held: R&D Intern

Highest Qualitification: BSc Engineering (Biomedical Engineering), NUS

X. Y. Lim

Technical Competencies: Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Agile Methodology (Scrum), Full-Stack Web Development, Mobile App Development, User Experience (UX)

Last Role Held: Digital Business Technologist

Highest Qualitification: BSc Info Comm Technology (Software Engineering), SIT

M. Loke

Technical Competencies: Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Transport Planning

Last Role Held: Senior Transport Planner

Highest Qualitification: BSc Engineering (Engineering Systems and Design), SUTD

Ng J. M.

Technical Competencies: Python, R, SQL, Computer Vision

Last Role Held: Data Analytics and Digitalisation Intern

Highest Qualitification: MSc IT (Business), SMU

L. P. Ng

Technical Competencies: Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Robotics, Systems Engineering, Product Design

Last Role Held: Asst Principal Engineer

Highest Qualitification: BSc Engineering (Mechanical Engineering), NTU

Sun Y.

Technical Competencies: C++,C#, Python, GPU Programming, 3D Programming

Last Role Held: R&D Director (China)

Highest Qualitification: MSc Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Control, Northwestern Polytechnical Uni, China

J. Tan​

Technical Competencies: NLP, Time Series, Financial Trading, Reinforcement Learning

Last Role Held: Statistician

Highest Qualitification: BA Economics, NUS

Tan K. C.

Technical Competencies: Graph Neural Network, Federated Learning, PySpark

Last Role Held: Senior Data Analyst

Highest Qualitification: MTechnology, NUS

K. Wang

Technical Competencies: Natural Language Processing, Topic Modeling, Computer Vision, MongoDB and SQL databases, CFA Level III

Last Role Held: Associate, Group Managed Investments

Highest Qualitification: BBA (Finance), NUS

Weng J.

Technical Competencies: Python, SAS, Tableau, PowerBI, SQL

Last Role Held: Senior Manager, Data Analytics

Highest Qualitification: MSc Statistics, NUS

Zeng Z. A.

Technical Competencies: Python, TensorFlow, Docker, SQL, PyQt

Last Role Held: Research Engineer

Highest Qualitification: BSc Engineering (EEE), NTU

AI Apprentices (Batch 5)

Available in November 2020.

S.W. Ngui

Technical Competencies: Computer Vision, Software Engineering, Time Series Analysis, Human Detection, Pose Estimation, Cloud Deployment

Last Role Held: AI Engineer

Highest Qualitification: Diploma in Business Studies, NP

K. Tham

Technical Competencies:Product Development, Front End Development, UX/UI Prototyping, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Cloud Computing

Last Role Held: Senior Analyst

Highest Qualitification: MSc IT in Business (Artificial Intelligence), SMU

S. Chu

Technical Competencies:Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Bioinformatics, Cancer Biology

Last Role Held:PhD Candidate

Highest Qualitification: Ph.D. in Cancer Biology NGS, NUS

H.X. Choong

Technical Competencies: Computer Vision, NLP, Reinforcement Learning, Regression and Classification, Data Engineering, Metaheuristics

Last Role Held: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Highest Qualitification: BA Computer Science, Boston College

X. Tang

Technical Competencies: Python, C/C++

Last Role Held: Data Science Software Engineer

Highest Qualitification: PhD Physics, NUS

D. Chong

Technical Competencies: Python, recommender systems, computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning

Last Role Held: Data Analyst

Highest Qualitification: MSc IT in Business (AI Track), SMU

J. Huang

Technical Competencies: Python, Deep learning, Tensorflow, PyTorch, .Net

Last Role Held: Engineer

Highest Qualitification: PhD Mechanical Engineering, NTU

H. Liew

Technical Competencies: Python, R, Natural Language Processing, Data Analysis

Last Role Held: Analyst

Highest Qualitification: BSc Life Sciences, NUS

S.M. Leo

Technical Competencies: Python, scikit-learn, pandas, Deep Learning, User Interface Design, Deployment

Last Role Held: Project Manager

Highest Qualitification: MBA, University College Dublin, Ireland

D. Poon

Technical Competencies: Tensorflow, Git, Docker, Tableau, Pytorch

Last Role Held: Intern

Highest Qualitification: BSc Accountancy and Finance, SIM-UOL

P.L. Yap

Technical Competencies: python, data analysis, feature engineering, develop pipelines, modelling

Last Role Held: Director

Highest Qualitification: Msc Mgmt of Technology, NUS

D. Hou

Technical Competencies: Business Model Strategy, Business Development, Product Management, Software Engineering, Data ETL, AI Modelling

Last Role Held: Director/Lead Developer

Highest Qualitification: BSc Computer Science (Hons), University of Melbourne, Australia

S.Y. Gong

Technical Competencies: Python, SQL, Tableau, Javascript, Vue.js

Last Role Held: STEM Instructor

Highest Qualitification: PGDE Education (Primary) NIE, NTU

J. Kam

Technical Competencies: Python, Tensorflow, R, C++, MT4

Last Role Held: AI Programmer

Highest Qualitification: BSc Computing, NUS

J. Tan

Technical Competencies: Python, VBA, HTML & CSS

Last Role Held: Analyst

Highest Qualitification: BBM (Business Analytics), NTU

W.Z. Yong

Technical Competencies: Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Model Deployment

Last Role Held: Senior Investment Performance Analyst

Highest Qualitification: BSc Accountancy with 2nd Major in Finance, SMU


Technical Competencies: Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Python, SQL, Machine Learning

Last Role Held: Data Analyst

Highest Qualitification: BA Commerce (Finance and Management), Murdoch University

W.Q. Leong

Technical Competencies: Python, Javascript, SQL, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Software Engineering

Last Role Held: Pharmacist

Highest Qualitification: BSc Science (Hons) Pharmacy (Highest Distinction), NUS

D.W. Tan

Technical Competencies: Programming (C#, Java, Python), Machine Learning (TensorFlow, Pytorch), Software/Web Development, Data/Regression Analysis, Econometrics

Last Role Held: Cost Controller

Highest Qualitification: Msc Economics and Econometrics, University of Bristol

V. Loy

Technical Competencies: NLP, ETL, Python, SQL, VBA, Tableau

Last Role Held: Data Architect

Highest Qualitification: BBM (Banking and Finance), BSc Accountancy, NTU

E. Ong

Technical Competencies: Programming (Python, MATLAB, Bash, SQL, C++), Mathematical Modeling, Data Visualization, Machine Learning DevOps (Kubernetes, Helm, Docker), Machine Learning (TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, pandas, seaborn), Computational Physics,

Last Role Held: Project Officer

Highest Qualitification: PhD Physics, NTU

Y.G. Bai

Technical Competencies: Python, Data Science, Recommendation System, NLP

Last Role Held: Senior Product Marketing Specialist

Highest Qualitification: MSc Computing, NUS

B.H. Tan

Technical Competencies: R Programming, Python, Statistics, Data Mining

Last Role Held: Senior Manager, Data Analytics

Highest Qualitification: BSc (Hons) Statistics, NUS

J.W. Lee

Technical Competencies: C++, python, Virtual Reality, Computer vision, Unity, Kubernetes

Last Role Held: Lead Software Engineer

Highest Qualitification: BSc Computer Engineering, NUS

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